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Wability’s history of developing unique technological solutions for our clients is a core component of our business. Over the past twenty years, we’ve implemented and customized dozens of various systems, software and tools across industries to streamline businesses and improve productivity. Leveraging those experiences, Wability has begun designing commercial software to enable businesses to take advantage of our skills and expertise.

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Our first software offering is HLBVPro, a tool designed to simplify Hypothetical Liquidation at Book Value calculations in wind energy partnerships. HLBVPro is a modeling application enabling analysts to shift their focus from time intensive modeling and data manipulation to analysis, accurate financial reporting, and effective decision making. This software, with its rules-based engine, greatly improves the User’s ability to track, analyze and manage their complex financial transactions and entire portfolio.

HLBV Pro captures and models the provisions defined in the transaction documents, which governs cash flows, IRR calculations, Flip Dates and corresponding allocation percentages, among other key parameters and calculations. The rules-based engine can be customized to be either web-based (browser) or a desktop application and can accommodate various deal structures. Users will have access to only those functionalities associated with their unique role and will receive comprehensive training in the use of the software application including how to upload new deals and make changes to those already residing in the system.

Coming Soon

Our other product offerings are in development and will be headed to market in the future. Keep checking back with us for updates!