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Network Technology

Today, a company’s communications network is critical to its ability to conduct business and maintain a competitive edge. For most companies, it is accurate to state that the network is the business. In the current economic environment, companies are seeking ways to extend the life of their existing voice and data networks while reducing operational costs. At the same time, companies recognize the need to be positioned to take advantage of high speed, multimedia services based on emerging packet-based technologies. These objectives must often be accomplished with a minimum of in-house staff. Wability, with its established customer base and contacts in Fortune 500 companies, is in a prime position to address clients’ network requirements. By establishing a network practice, Wability can generate incremental revenue by providing network services to its customers and prospects. With a team comprised of in-house personnel and strategic industry partners, Wability can offer a full suite of network services that can be customized to meet clients’ specific business requirements. Depending on client needs, Wability can provide a variety of solutions.

Our Services

Network service opportunities will be generated from several sources. Wability existing customers represent a primary opportunity to sell network services, as virtually all clients have network issues to address with limited staff. As the incumbent consultant, Wability will be in a strong position to identify and secure network business and realize incremental revenue in its customer base. New prospects in Wability’s target markets also represent a major opportunity to sell network services. Networkingis a key area that Wability will be able to discuss up front as part of a complete solution including other Wability services. Additional opportunities will be based on referrals from the network service companies and consultants contracted by and partnering with Wability. Partners who provide network services will refer Wability for management consulting services. Direct marketing programs may be utilized to approach new prospects consistent with Wability’s overall business strategy.