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Macroeconomic Capabilities

1. Fiscal Policy and Management

Our capabilities include:

• Demographic modeling and forecasting
• Government taxation revenue and expenditure forecasting
• Public policy analysis, development and planning
• Program evaluation, including social impact assessments
• Health sector economics, elder care and social policy
• Financial sector modeling, analysis and strategy development

2. Public Financial Planning, Debt Operations and Debt Management

Our capabilities include:

• Advanced forecasting capabilities around revenue and debt obligations
• Data analytic capabilities to assess and adjust monitoring and control systems
• Debt management, refinancing analysis and planning, and debt issuance

3. Monetary Policy, Banking and Central Bank Operations

Our capabilities include:

• Extensive experience in commercial and government finance
• Regulatory and compliance management
• Central bank analysis and policy recommendations
• Development of government financial markets framework

4. Trade and Exchange Rate Policy

Our capabilities include:

• Assessment of existing trade and border/customs policy and recommended solutions
• Exchange rate analysis and policy alignment
• International taxation management and controls

5. Macroeconomic Policy Coordination/Integration

Our capabilities include:

• Development of a holistic framework incorporating all tasks and capabilities outlined in this section
• Integrated recommendations to streamline all aspects of Macroeconomic policy