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Investment Banking Services

As the capital markets industry struggles to recover from the market downturn with uncertainty in a fast-changing economic climate, financial enterprises are challenged by convergence, market fluctuations, client expectations and new competitors.

The capital markets industry is challenged to defend eroding margins, lower operating costs, manage capital adequacy, respond to dynamic reporting requirements, and comply with compressed settlement time frames. We are confronting the realities and necessities of cost control and applications and systems integration to allow our clients to focus on their customers, their core strengths and excel in client service. Wability offers proven solutions to realize operating efficiencies, implement new transaction processing and application integration technologies, cut costs by streamlining business processes, and retain your best clients by elevating and expanding customer service. Wability Solutions:

  • Business Strategy and Product Development
  • Applications Integration
  • CRM Package Selection and Implementation
  • Financial Systems Re-Engineering and Package Implementation
  • IT Strategy, Re-Engineering and Cost Take-Out
  • Contingent Workforce, Staff Augmentation and Managed Services

Fixed Assets and Derivatives Challenges

Our customers have one thing in common; the need to control fixed assets accurately and efficiently. Those assets maybe technology equipment assets deployed throughout the company, or contract furniture assets stored in warehouses waiting to be re-used. Regardless of the need, Wability continues to demonstrate its capacity to assist our customers in getting control of their assets. Wability applies industry knowledge and technology solutions to help banking clients create value. We increase operating efficiency and improve shareholder value to shape tomorrow’s winning banking organizations.

Developments in the financial world around the globe are frequent and rapid. These developments are reflected in the activities of the Fixed Income, Currency and Commodities. Wability Inc. has been delivering sophisticated technology solutions to the management of fixed assets and inventory control. We utilize asset management tools that were designed to address a wide variety of asset management needs, often eliminating the high-cost of software customization. The results have been an impressive array of successful projects.