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Information Security

Information and application security are critical elements in any organization’s overall security policy, as applications –in particular Web applications — are often a gateway to databases that hold critical information. Hackers are shifting focus now and searching for the easier target: online applications. Online applications are easier to target because network perimeter defenses are being strengthened, and a Web site’s custom application code is usually a precarious point of security. Gartner, for example, currently estimates that 75% of attacks take place at the application layer. Wability’s experience in delivering strategy and security services at 5 of the Fortune 100 organizations and security assessment and/or implementation at 78% of the Fortune 500 makes our expertise in information security unparalleled. Therefore, Wability offers a suite of security options to our clients, from assessing existing security protocols to engineering, testing and transitioning to new network security systems.

Our Services

Wability offers an end-to-end suite of security services, providing your organization with as much or as little security assistance as you require. Our service offerings include:

  • Program Management
  • Security assessments- Policies and Procedures
  • Technical Environment Security Configuration Assessments
  • Firewall and Intrusion Detection and Protection
  • Applications Security Architecture and Access Assessments
  • Vulnerability Testing and Assessments
  • Security Incident Response and Recommendation
  • Network Design and Administration
  • Engineering Tasks
  • Transition of Program Management Support and Other Personnel
  • Ongoing monitoring, detecting and scanning 24/7
  • Reporting Strategies and Procedures